1. Never pay for office supplies again with this simple trick!


  2. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert compete to see who is the bigger Star Wars fan.


  3. The motorcycle swing: best idea or worst idea?


  4. Two 30-Year-Old Men Lip-Sync A Conversation Between Two 60-Year-Old Women

    why is this so damn funny


  5. Kacy Catanzaro becomes the first woman to complete the entire American Ninja Warrior course.


  6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail on a unicycle with flaming bagpipes


  7. John Oliver reads Warren G. Harding’s  ”smutty f*ck notes”


  8. Watch this man chug honey while covered in bees.

    Warning: Ends in vomit


  9. Japanese trains are way better than ours.


  10. Can this guy come to NY please.